Relationships and money

RNZ Radio 2 February 2023

Spending that makes you happy

Research tends to find the following spending brings the most happiness:
– Getting rid of money worries — paying off debt, getting insurance etc
– Experiences — events, travel ….
– Changes that give you more time — hiring others to do tasks etc
– Beautiful things — art, plants etc
– Spending on others — charity, shouting a friend, gifts

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NZ Herald 26 February 2022

– Online calculator helps you work out how much your home should be insured for
– A catch-up for daughters’ KiwiSaver accounts
– Laddering plus compounding works a treat …
– … But is this a good time to get into term deposits?
– Could laddering work for a mortgage?
– How one couple runs their money

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NZ Herald 19 February 2022

– Please don’t let your partner run your money without your input
– Comparing KiwiSaver and non-KiwiSaver funds
– Laddering term deposits a great way to invest low-risk money — and what are Term PIEs?
– How do NZ-owned banks compare with overseas-owned ones?
– How high inflation affects low-risk savings

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RNZ Radio 16 December 2021

Money and couples — Part 2: Survey results, and how to do it well
NZ survey:
– Young are worse
– All income groups
– Causes of money problems
Research on successful relationships:
– Debt
– Equal access
– Talking to one another
– Large purchases

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RNZ Radio 2 December 2021

Money and couples — Part 1: Economic Harm
– What it is and why it’s called that
– Who is affected (maybe half of NZ women)
– Examples
– What’s happening to reduce economic harm
– Where to get help: Good Shepherd NZ website

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