Psychology of money

NZ Herald 23 September 2023

– Insider tips from KiwiSaver provider about employee contributions
– Use KiwiSaver at 65 to pay off overdraft
– Upside Downside: Risky behaviour: Taking on more volatility than you can cope with
– Risky behaviour: Letting your emotions rule your investment decisions
– Risky behaviour: Taking on more work or worry than expected

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NZ Herald 17 June 2023

– Wobbly markets don’t mean you should sit on the sidelines
– Reader unhappy after following my advice
– Tips for nervous investors
– Best KiwiSaver plan after first home purchase
– Use a reverse mortgage to help son?
– A reader’s story: Learning to appreciate market downturns

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RNZ Radio 30 March 2023

What we can learn from the Film Fraud Festival
– Insights from the films and panellist talks
– Warning signs to watch for
– How to check if a company is legit

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RNZ Radio 2 February 2023

Spending that makes you happy

Research tends to find the following spending brings the most happiness:
– Getting rid of money worries — paying off debt, getting insurance etc
– Experiences — events, travel ….
– Changes that give you more time — hiring others to do tasks etc
– Beautiful things — art, plants etc
– Spending on others — charity, shouting a friend, gifts

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RNZ Radio 15 December 2022

Worrying numbers about over 65s’ finances, and what might be done about it
– Stats on over 65s’ income and home ownership show decreasing trends
– What to do about it
– A KiwiSaver push for beneficiaries?

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NZ Herald 3 December 2022

– Drip feed or invest the lot at once?
– Credit cards harder to get in retirement
– Should 11-year-old get into direct investing in NZ shares?
– Mother of 7 gets degree — and comes out on top
– Would-be investor in rental property shouldn’t count on gain
– Meaningful Christmas Gifts

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RNZ Radio 1 December 2022

Listeners tell us who they think needs financial help

Entries into our Christmas book giveaway on who you would give my two latest books to, and why
– Themes running through the entries, examples and comments
– The winners

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RNZ Radio 7 April 2022

Some shocking results in survey on New Zealanders’ finances

Canstar Consumer Pulse Report 2022:
– More than half spend more than they earn — especially young
– 2/3 don’t have enough rainy day money
– Nearly ¼ don’t save anything
– Only 45% are debt-free, excluding mortgages

How you might change your habits.

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NZ Herald 26 March 2022

– So you’re a millionaire? Big deal!
– Moving KiwiSaver provider in volatile times
– Which to pay off first — student loan or mortgage?
– Charity unhappy with last week’s wording
– An offer for those setting up scholarships
– 3 NZ Super recipients are unhappy with the rules

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