NZ Herald 22 January 2011

Q&As: Tax cutting scheme likely to bring much more wealth to the company than to a reader; How recipients of below-market share offers can get their own back; A reader shows her bank just what she thinks of it; How is our gold price forecaster doing?; Some help with finding a good financial adviser.

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NZ Herald 3 July 2010

Q&As: A reader goes on a merry-go-round trying to get information on PIR tax rates for couples; I stick to my ground on gold’s unsuitability as a large investment for most people — despite two readers’ arguments; A good reason not to dig up gold on the conservation estate; More on alternatives to “Mum and Dad investors”, and a call for more creativity.

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NZ Herald 21 October 2006

Q&As: Is there an 18-year cycle for industrial and resource shares?; Why index fund of Aussie shares has done much worse than its index; Limited submissions on tax changes not good enough; NZ shares, already favoured, shouldn’t get still more favourable tax treatment.

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