Cash funds

NZ Herald 26 January 2019

Q&As: Market timing is upside down – but reader shouldn’t do it anyway; Another reader seeks advice on timing, plus switching KiwiSaver providers; Use bond funds, not balanced funds, in retirement; Have I followed my own financial advice?; A correction about percentages of retirees in long-term residential care.

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RNZ Radio 8 February 2018

Coping with a falling KiwiSaver balance: What share market declines do and don’t mean; How much does a drop in shares affect KiwiSaver and other investors?; What you should do; Another way your balance could fall — interest rate changes.

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NZ Herald 26 August 2017

Q&As: Share investor has excelled — but don’t count on it continuing; A good company is not necessarily a good investment; Couple can’t leave intact KiwiSaver accounts to their daughters; Another way to invest emergency money.

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