Rich Enough? A Laid-Back Guide for Every Kiwi

Rich Enough? A Laid-Back Guide for Every Kiwi by Mary Holm

Rich Enough? A Laid-Back Guide for Every Kiwi

Published by HarperCollins
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Read this one book, set up your money, and get on with your life!
Rich Enough topped the NZ bestseller list for seven weeks, and has frequently appeared on the bestseller list since then.

Find out what many in the financial world don’t want you to know. Laid-back investing is not only easier, it can actually make you richer.

Learn how to kill off debt, curb spending, find your best KiwiSaver fund, save painlessly, buy a house or be happy not buying one, and move confidently towards and through retirement (hint: you don’t need $1 million). You’ll also learn why it’s best to ‘set and forget’ your investments. And why, beyond a certain point, having more money is not the key to happiness.

Unlike many writers of finance books, Mary is not selling anything (except this book!). She just wants you to do well. She’s on your side.

‘Mary has that rare ability to cut through the jargon to what really matters. She combines expert wisdom and real-world insights, with fantastic results!’
— Diane Maxwell, Retirement Commissioner

Listen to Mary discussing “Rich Enough?” with Wallace Chapman on RNZ’s Sunday Morning programme:

Why Do You Want to be Richer?
Step 1: Start now — it’s easy
  • Three ways to get more savings
  • Get going
  • You don’t need a million
Step 2: Kill off high-interest debt
  • Are you a lucky one?
  • Setting a goal
  • The psychology of spending
  • What about the unlucky lucky ones?
  • Be a credit card winner
  • How do student loans fit into all this?
Step 3: Set up insurance — and a rainy day fund
  • Shelter from the storm
  • The emergency fund
Step 4: Join the best KiwiSaver fund for you
  • Under 65 and not in KiwiSaver? No excuses!
  • Why is KiwiSaver so good?
  • Which fund for you?
  • Are you on track with your KiwiSaver savings?
  • Getting the best out of KiwiSaver
  • Ethical funds
  • KiwiSaver for kids
  • Don’t delay joining
Step 5: Boost your saving painlessly — how and where
  • Hot tips on how to become a big saver
  • Where to save — short-term savings
  • Where to save — longer-term savings
  • Not just New Zealand
  • Other investments — individual shares and rental property
  • If you have a problem
  • Steering clear of scams
Step 6: Stay cool
  • Rule 1: spread your risk
  • Rule 2: largely ignore past performance
  • Rule 3: don’t try to time markets
  • Rule 4: never be forced to sell
  • Rule 5: sit back and relax
  • Vive la difference — how men and women invest
Step 7: Head confidently towards retirement — and through it
  • The big picture
  • Setting a savings goal
  • Making it easier
  • Investing during retirement
Step ? (when it’s the right time for you — if ever): Buy a house, or sell one
  • Not planning on home ownership
  • Saving to buy a first home
  • Making the purchase — of a first or subsequent home
  • The mortgage maze
  • Selling a home
One more thing: Do you need personal financial advice?
  • How to find some possible advisers
  • Questions to ask them
  • Meet the candidates for the job of advising you
On happiness
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